Origin of the Name – Yelagiri

Yelagiri stands as an unique and splendorous creation of nature. The name “Yelagiri” takes its dimension from various aspects. In olden days, it could not be definitely said that this name to the hills had been due to the growth of cardamom. The cardamom was produced much here. Is it the reason for the name “Yelagiri”? No, we couldn’t say it definitely.

The ancestors who lived in this hill used to narrate a traditional story for the name “Yelagiri”. It is believed that the Lord venkata perumal, while visiting the world, He stepped with one of his feet on the rock here, suddenly the mountain lost its stability to bear the Lord’s weight. The people in the hill were frightened and taken a back and looking at each other, they shouted “yelo” & “Kili”. Later the word “Yelokili” had changed into “Yelagiri”?. The sign of footprints of the Lord is still visible on the rock of Iyyappan near Nilavur Village.

The Yelagiri Panchayat comes under Solaiyarpettai Panchayat Union. It is situated in vellore District. It is located about 14 km away from Vaniyambadi Tirupattur Road from Ponneri Split Road. The total area of Yelagiri Hills is about 29.2 Sq.Km. The base of this hill is circular in shape, and it has steep rocks on its sides. This hill resembles a plateau. It has evergreen trees in the north and north-east slopes. On the top of the hill, it has an evergreen forest. The height of this hill in terms of feet is 3500 and 1048.5 m high in meter from sea level. The highest peak in this hill is Swami malai peak and its height is 4338 feet. The climate of the hill is moderate and pleasant. The temperature of the hill in summer is 29◦ C and in winter season it is 90◦ C.

The annual rainfall of this hill is about 35 inches. It is also an important picnic spot during the summer vacation. The tourists visit this place mostly from march to June. The people come her in other seasons too. The important occupation of the people of this hill is agriculture. Both men and women participate equally in their work. Cutting the woods forms the basic occupation. There are bus facilities to Yelagiri via Tirupattur and Chennai. The distance from the foot hill to the top of Yelagiri is 14 km. There are 14 hair pin bends. For the convenience of the tourist, there are private hotels & guest house to facilitate them. There is Boat house & Nature Park Which is run by the Yelagiri Hill development society. The Yelagiri belongs to the Yelagiri Panchayat , Jolarpet Union. It consists of 14 small villages like Kottiyur. Its population is about 15754. The river Attaru runs through this mountain and flows as a Jalagamparai Falls. It attracts the visitors more during the rainy season. The Swamimalai and Murugan Temple is a place of worship and a place of pilgrimage for them.

There is an enormous growth and change in the lives of the people of Yelagiri and Jawadhu Hills that has been brought about under the Tribal Welfare scheme. Depending upon the basic needs of the people, there are many programs, plans scheduled by the departments, are given below:
» Forest, veterinary, Agriculture, Voluntary Organisation, Medicine, Sericulture, Cooperative, Education.
The people of the hill are normally called hilly vasis. Cultivation is their main occupation. They practice Hinduism and speak Tamil. They have a very special structure of living style in home cottages and typical social customs and culture.

Hair Pin Bends

Among the creation of nature, The Princess of Hills – Yelagiri stands as an unique range of hills full of greenery. There is a marvelous pillar standing at ponnery cross Road, giving a brief on Yelagiri. To reach the Hill, we need to travel through 14 Hairpin Bends. When we Pass through these bends, the names that are engraved in the curves are of renowned great seven personalities and the seven great tamil poets.


Villages at Hills

  1.  Muthanoor
  2. Kottaiyur
  3. Punganoor
  4. Athanavoor
  5. Kottur
  6. Pallakkaniyur
  7. Mettukkaniyur
  8. Nilavoor
  9. Royaneri
  10. Paduvanoor
  11. Puthoor
  12. Thayaloor
  13. Mangalam
  14. Manchangkollipudoor

The Architects of Yelagiri Hills Road

1.shri.V.Chinnanasi Gounder


Shri.Venkatesan and shri.Nachi are those who passed away during the construction of thes road 1960-1964

Yelagiri Hills Ghat Road 1960-1964

» Elevation Hill Top -4628 Ft.,
Road-3440. Ft.,
» Length(8miles) -7.Fur.,
» Formation width -18-0
» Black top Road width-12-0
» Ruling Gradient – 1 in 20.
» Limiting -1 in 15.
» Number of Hairpin bends -14
» Number of men days -3,60,000
» Total Cost- Rs.17,95,000


Yelagiri Hills Panchayat Presidents

» Narasima Iyyer
» Chinnapaiya gownder
» Govinda gounder
» Raji
» Govindasamy
» ponnurangam
» k.Govindasmy
» Achuthan